Oh, cars! Oh, cars!

December 29, 2010 at 14:37 (Uncategorized)

The Chibi has died.  I was doing some photo printing and when I tried to leave the car went bang and made smoke.  Water also started running out of it.  All in all, it looks bad.  I’m currently at home waiting for AA to phone and say they’re ready for me.  Then I’ll head up to the PnP centre and sort it out.  One of two things is going to happen – 1, they fix it and I drive home or 2, they tow it.  I’m suspecting 2 as the car makes absolutely no sound, clicks or otherwise, when the key is turned.  This is usually when I get annoyed with cars – I have to phone people and they asked me questions.  All I want to say is ‘it’s broken, make it work again’.  I don’t know anything about how cars work and more importantly, I don’t want to know anything about how cars work.  Cars, to me, are like an appliance, it must just work when I want to use it.

Edit:  16h13 The battery had literally exploded – plastic all over the engine.  But is good now.



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December 28, 2010 at 12:33 (Uncategorized)

One downside of the internet is finding all the cool stuff you can’t get.  I’m looking for a new cellphone but I want one with a qwerty keyboard and I found a really cool one.  I don’t often get excited over technology but this had me looking up all sort of specs and things – qwerty keyboard and clam phone, it’s fantastic and what I want.  But then while looking I began to suspect I couldn’t get the phone in SA.    And now all the other phones are rubbish because they aren’t a Samsung Zeal 😦

I’m going to look another day when my disappointment is not so fresh.

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This and that…

December 23, 2010 at 19:30 (Uncategorized)

So… I have some decent, proper employment for three months next year.  Hopefully it will end up being more than that but it’s a good start.  I’m really quite pleased to have found it.  I’ve also managed to sort my degree into something I can actually do and pass.  It does mean that I’m effectively doing first year next year but I’ve done all the second year modules already so it will be first and third year and then I’m done.  It’s going to take longer than planned but I feel take a longer and get something rather than sticking with what I was doing and not getting anywhere ever.

I didn’t realise how much of The Deathly Hollow I skipped till I saw the movie the other night, well, part one of two.  I also think I skipped more than I thought with the previous one.   But I recalling skipping a lot of the previous movie as well 😡

I haven’t played Echo Bazaar for some weeks and was surprised at how riddled with nightmares I am – oops.  But I’m likely to stay that way as I don’t really play all that seriously.

Next year I’m going to attempt some Tudor garb.  It looks tricky and time consuming with lots of measuring and fitting – a challenge.  Kimono are not challenging.  They are pretty but simple.  I’m also going to attempt an epic embroidery challenge – the back of a kimono.

Finally got rid of an excessive amount of pearls.  I’m sure they bred in the cupboard.  I was despairing at having to make up over 100 necklaces so I could give them away but then, I hit on an idea – three strands together for one necklace.  To quote Clarkson ‘my genius knows no bounds’, I ended up with about 30 necklaces.  A much better number to give away.  I am feeling so much freer, no longer weighed down by crap from the failed shop.  In fact, I do believe they are the very last thing to go.  YAY!!

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What do you see?

December 17, 2010 at 19:26 (Uncategorized)

Saw Voyage of the Dawn Trader today.  I really enjoyed it, however, I will be very pleased when 3D movies have lost their appeal.  I do not see the point – the images are dull and fuzzy.  And it gets worse if you take the glasses off.   I thought it ruined the visuals of Avatar having seen it ‘plain’ first but I decided to try it out on a movie I hadn’t seen and it was just as bad.  Now I will have to watch it again.

I’m currently listening to the latest Linkin Park album.  It is quite cool – very like their first album, which is still my favourite.  If you like Linkin Park, I really recommend you buy this album.   A Thousand Suns, I think its called.

Occasionally I get into a piece of fanfiction that is unlike anything I usually read and I read it obsessively until its finished.  I then spend hours looking for something that can  captivate me as the piece did.  I am usually terrible disappointed and move on to my usual ending searching for canon fiction.   This does lead me to thinking of awesome lengthy plots that I’m way too lazy to write…


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December 14, 2010 at 11:01 (Uncategorized)

What a domestic morning – thus far I have done the washing, the shopping, the ironing, the dishes.  I’ve baked a sponge cake with syruped strawberries and vanilla cream.  I’ve made lemon curd for my grandmother and created a lemon curd glaze for the lemon cheesecake that’s fresh out the oven.  There’s a pot of iced lemon green tea cooling before being put in the fridge.

I tweeted to this effect “on the table we have a light sponge with syruped strawberries and vanilla cream, a think lemon cheesecake with lemon curd glaze and tea” but what couldn’t be added was that the table included some fantastic decaf coffee with a subtle chocolate undertone.

Yeah, I do have some time on my hands right now…

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December 7, 2010 at 12:19 (Uncategorized)

My job is worse than I thought it would be.  I never thought that the teaching would be serious or structured or anything like that, however, I didn’t anticipate how disorganised it actually is.  And how you are expected to do things without being shown but then are reprimanded for not doing it right O_o   It’s a mess…

I was looking for a calendar yesterday but could only find ones of angels, horses, Twilight and Ferarri.   And about a million of Cape Town so I went online and downloaded some 😀  I do like the internets.

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Suddenly working

December 2, 2010 at 19:57 (Uncategorized)

A week ago I was unemployed, then six days ago I was employed.  However, I knew nothing about what I would be doing, what I would be earning, what hours I would be working and where I would be working – it was a novel experience.  But now I know all these things and I start tomorrow.  Teaching – not something I’ve seriously thought of doing but not something I’m against either.  It’s also not something I’ve ever done on a serious level so I have no idea whether I’ll be any good at it or if I actually want to do it.  Thus far, December is turning out to be a month of new experience (though the unknown employment was in November).

First on the list, because it happened on the first, is changing a network card.  Not over difficult once I managed to buy one.  I started at Garden’s Centre – worst mall in the world – was sent to Waterfront where I had two fantastic experiences.  One, dude at Incredible Connection telling me that they do not sell network cards and he doesn’t know what they are for O_o but he quickly asked if I wanted to ask another sales person.   Two, I have to type out because it actually made me laugh later in the afternoon when I had calmed down a bit.

Me:  Is there another computer shop, other than Incredible Connection, in the Waterfront?

Info desk girl:  Oh, yes – there is the iStore.

Me: …     Ah, well… Yes – thank you.

I also set up email thing in Outlook – that would have been a whole lot easier if I hadn’t misspelt the email address.   Of course none of these things would have been possible if I hadn’t had instruction from friends and Aki – thank you.

Lastly, I had an article publish.  In a newspaper.  On the front page.  True, it’s a free paper only distributed in the CBD, with no regular printing schedule and of all the articles I’ve written, the final one for the paper was published but I got paid for writing 😀  I also discovered I really don’t like journalism.

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