September 29, 2010 at 07:55 (Uncategorized)

Two reasons for not writing lately – the main one being the ISP issue which seems to have sorted itself finally.  And the second one being more than a little depressed by my studies, that can be read below 28.09.2010.

But things seem to be in order again and I’m quite pleased by it.  Not only were we paying for something we weren’t getting but I’ve become more addicted to writing than before.  Once I’ve written something down, I tend to forget it.  This leads to some embarrassing moments with fiction as I look blankly at people when they tell me something about what I wrote years or months [sometimes days] ago.  Nonfiction however, has given me a release to things that I fret about.  It is almost as if once it’s written it is resolved and I can think clearly again.  This usually leads me to realise that there was actually nothing to fret about it the beginning or that I was being silly or having a needless rant about something when something else was actually bothering me.

Here’s hoping things are actually sorted and done – it keeps me happy.

28.09.2010  http://nantalith.deviantart.com/journal/35269461/

As said on my proper blog, I really enjoyed Prince of Persia. After the disappointment of both Titans and Robin Hood, I got it out last night because I really had to watch something I knew I would enjoy.

I have not been happy with my studies of late – they confuse me, they frustrate me, they made me cry and feel useless. But I was so set on this path that I refused to accept that it wasn’t my thing – I had started, I would finish. Tenacity is not always a good trait. So I went and spoke to a student advisor and came out feeling light, refreshed and ready to take on my studies again. Only, they are no longer the original studies… Communication Science started off with things I like then moved to things I wasn’t so keen on but soon dissolved into things I did not understand. I read the words and could feel the gloom settling on my shoulders – I was so lost. I now have a path again – I am studying Linguistics and Music. I have even started playing the piano again.

A niggly frustration is the ISP. It is… not doing its job. I have been happy with Wireless Online thus far but these last couple of months have tested my customer loyalty.

24.09.2010  http://nantalith.deviantart.com/journal/35188519/

I kind of like Titans and so was terribly excited when I saw a preview for Clash of the Titans. I was very disappointed in Clash of the Titans – there were no clashing Titans…

If Bleach actually ends – it would be a high ending :D It would make me very pleased.

I also possess a ninja voodoo doll – it’s fantastic! Maybe it will down my stress levels and up my energy levels :)

Looking for work again.

And the ISP is not behaving itself again. But what am I saying – it didn’t really get fixed.


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