Two birds one stone

September 1, 2010 at 09:46 (Uncategorized)

My boss asked me to put together a new marketing portfolio over the next few weeks.  My assignment is for a communication campaign.  Tweaking here and there and I should be done in no time – lol~

I have spend too much time watching FMA Brotherhood.  Considering I didn’t even like it when it first came out, I have now completed it and enjoyed it.  Animation was great, music not so much.  On the whole I thought it true to the manga.

Hisui gave me some Dissidia music on Monday.  It has rekindled my interest in Dissidia and the PSP.  I would like to buy one but am currently paying off a viola.  And I want to go halvies with Aki-chan on a new OS and get a new PS2 – one that works all the time instead of occasionally.  And I really need to buy more Alchemist, I have this fear that now it is finished it may become harder to get hold of it.

But I’m now off to do some campaigning.


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