Spot check fail

August 1, 2010 at 17:22 (Uncategorized)

The other day I walked up to the Chibi, inserted the key but failed to unlock it.  I looked up and saw the Chibi – there are too many silver Corsa lites in our street.  I guess no one saw me, I didn’t check.

I hope what happened in Bleach is for real and not some illusion.  It would bring some interest back into Bleach.  You truly can never tell with Ichimaru – he keeps you guessing always, it’s great.

I’m actually somewhat enjoying my job – it’s all about organising and I like things organised.  I did hit across a problem last week though – the filing is not organised – somethings are filed under first names while others under surnames.  And then a bunch filed under course title.  I did find the accounts file, eventually, so I don’t have to make one of those but I do have to do the monthly statements on the PC as they haven’t been done for months.  Mostly, I’m attempting to remember Office 1997 and not loose my temper too much with Microsoft 98.  But I have a flat screen… *sigh*


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