July 20, 2010 at 16:13 (Uncategorized)

I sometimes think people are more restricted by cars than having gained freedom with cars.  Having the ability to drive means I can go anywhere that has a road – the Chibi is not an off-roader as Aki and me discovered in a rutted ‘car park’ yesterday evening.  And because I can go anywhere, I work in a residential area too far from anywhere to walk but even if I did some of my duties require me to drive.  This means I am restricted in my movements because I have to remain close to a car.

Possibly this only affects households with one car.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha

‘Sure thing’ – I can think of nothing concrete to write with the theme of ‘sure thing’.  Maybe because it’s two words.  At a massive stretch I can get maybe a hundred words, falling sort by a hundred and fifty words… Having to think and force something isn’t how I view my Micfic – quick, in the moment, not longer than half a hour to plan, write and edit.  I might have to revise my strategy for this one and actually think of something, plan it and then write it.  Only at this moment in time, I want to think, plan and write about something else – something lengthy, something fangirly – lol~


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