July 18, 2010 at 21:07 (Uncategorized)

I consume a lot of sugar and I like a lot of it in my tea and the rare cups of coffee.  But I know that when others make my tea, they will not put in all the sugar I ask for.  Somehow ‘three’ becomes ‘two and a half’ – I have three theories [or rather hypothesis] One:  people don’t believe that someone can have three sugars in their tea and still be able to drink it.  Two:  different sized teaspoons or different ideas as to what a ‘teaspoon’ is.  Three:  different sized cups/mugs.

But then I am also quite difficult about it – I have less sugar in my morning tea than I do in my afternoon tea but more sugar in my tea all round during winter.  And I don’t like over sweet tea…   How are others to get it right when I can’t win with myself?


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