Mossel Bay

June 17, 2010 at 14:01 (Uncategorized)

It took very short time for me to forget the charms of MB.  This morning while choking down something called breakfast at a restaurant, I was reminded of the year I spent here.  There was a woman at one of the tables with a baby buggie.  Only it contained no human baby – it was for her cat. 

A pretty little cat and rather well behaved.  But then when it did try to get way, she stuck it back in the buggie with its zip up fly net. 

I was rather down this week about my studies.  I failed COM2025 again and was beginning to see myself writing communication exams forever.  I began to wonder if I should rather start over with something I’m good at and want to do more rather than try to figure out something I appear to be no good at – or rather something I am unable to pass even though I do well throughout the semester.  But this morning, before my breakfast, I got an email with more results – I passed COM2036.  And with a distinction.


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