May 6, 2010 at 14:52 (Uncategorized)

I finally got my assignment for COM2025 [I write tomorrow].  I was told that my lack of citation in my answers ‘points to plagiarism’ and so received no marks for technical presentation.  But not once did I claim the concepts I was writing about as my own – the answers were mine but they were other peoples’ theories and concepts.  This lead me to the thought – every time you answer a question, are you plagiarizing?  Do I have the wrong definition of plagiarism?  I didn’t but it got me thinking about citation in assignment and exams, and more importantly, how is someone suppose to accurately cite something when you don’t [or shouldn’t] have the book on hand?  Author date – no problem [sort of] but page numbers?  And then having to remember all the book details at the end?  I get in a panic just because I’m being tested – I also get into a panic when fighting a Boss but that’s something different.  And then I got thinking, what if it is a closed question?  And if they ask for an opinion answer?  And what if I press ‘square’ instead of ‘triangle’ and waste a healing potion!  Doomed~

I’ve just had so much frustration with this communication module’s lack of  communication, the tiniest things just set me off the edge.  I’m waiting for the day, I can step back from the edge.  And it was kind of funny that as I was looking up plagiarism, my ‘Word of the Day’ email was ‘plagiary’ 😀

EDIT:  I should also add I’m terribly hungry but my mouth is still numb.  On the plus side, it’s pain free.  On the down side it might not be if I chew my tongue instead of my sandwich…


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