Quiet mad…

February 14, 2010 at 20:26 (Uncategorized)

I have a licence, I have access to a car and I’m walking to piano tomorrow.  Why?  Because the car is in the harbour and, being a woman, I can’t go in and get it.  I might be selling drugs.  Or, worse in MB, I might be selling myself.  This has the added comic effect of me sometimes waiting outside the harbour while my father sorts out something – and that is not suspect at all.

The bus trip back was a little better – I only had 2 hours of Christian propaganda forced upon me.  And it wasn’t as loud as it was going to CT.  And I happened to miss most of it due to sleep – chatting late, drinking, getting up stupidly early and bus trips don’t mix well.  But it does allow you to fall asleep sitting upright…

 And Smoczek might sigh now [ 😛 ] but there is still a spider in my room and short of killing it, I’m unable to get it out.


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