Communication Law

November 13, 2009 at 09:30 (Uncategorized)

Even with an additional six months of study, I still don’t get it… Well, if I do it often enough, I might 😛 

I was watching the third Bleach movie the other day – I rather enjoyed it.  I thought Rukia fought like Zasalamel in the end.  I was also surprised that I remembered Zasalamel’s name but he has K.O.ed me often enough to remember, I guess.    Bleach has way better movies than Naruto.  It’s disappointing because I like Naruto more.  But nothing yet had come to beat Alchemist.  And Break Blade is being scanned again. 

I found CSI Miami 4 at the video store so my weekend is set.  They also had 6 which is cool as I’ve seen 5.   That will be my treat after my final exam on Friday.

I’ve also noticed I’m loosing my ability to type… Or rather my ability to type what I’m thinking.  My fingers make up their own sentence – there are no spelling errors, only completely the wrong word – sigh!  Holiday in December…


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