November 3, 2009 at 14:41 (Uncategorized)

What to do when you are called a fool on an academic forum because you feel there should to be a certain level of English in an English module:

a) Rant and rave about failing standards.

b) Apologise for your views.

c) Correct the English of the comment.

As they say, when in doubt go with c) 🙂  Though it doesn’t mean you are immune from having your comment changed – time stamp and name are quiet different from my name and time of comment  O_o

I finally got to see Star Trek 11 – it was so cool!  And funny – I laughed a lot.  Highly enjoyable even if everyone looked really geeky – LOL!  If I were ever to go into acting and were to play in Star Trek, I would go for being a badie – the costumes are better 😀 

For those interested in the birds of MB – they steal nuts out of pies left on kitchen counters.  The big ones and the small ones.  Lost a quarter of a pecan pie.


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