Criminal activities

September 2, 2009 at 16:52 (Uncategorized)


While I feel that scanlating is wrong, I still do it.  Why? 

Because I like to think there are more people out there who buy their favourite titles once they have discovered them.  And when they have the manga, they delete what is on their PC.  This is what I do.  If I could get hold of the weekly/monthly titles as quickly as the fans get them out, I wouldn’t bother with the scanlations of my favourite titles.  However, I would still look up new titles as books are crazy expensive.  But even if they were cheaper, there are many title that would not be published due to low popularity.  And then sometimes, they were once published but are now out of print – the most annoying thing.  There is also the thing of would I get it in SA…

On a side note:  it drives me nuts that books are expensive.  I know that the writers, publishers and everyone involved need to be paid but surely, selling more books at a lower profits to cover costs is better than selling fewer books at a greater profit.  Is it not better to have people buying the stuff rather than having it sitting in the shops?

Back to point:  And, if people are going to scan manga, they should give it the work it deserves – decent scans and translating.  I put effort into my proofing – I look at the RAWs, see what the artist wanted to do and give it the text the art deserves.  It’s not just about getting the chapter out there, it’s about getting the artists’ story out there.   

But at the same time, I also think scanlations help with getting new titles out into the open.  Hmmm… conflicted.

Ultimately, these are poor excuses for breaking laws…


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