August 29, 2009 at 15:42 (Uncategorized)

I’ve learnt so much about internet and computers in the last three weeks.  Yesterday was ftp.  It was also a day of internet hunting – it started with information hunting on Kandachime so I could complete the proof.  Then, because there is next to nothing on Kandachime out there, it went to information hunting on ftp so I could get the RAW and the required information.  That lead to confusion so I read the manga.  But only got half the information.  After some help, again, last night I got it sorted and the proof was done.  Only 14 hours later…

Kandachime is so so – so so art, so so story.  Nothing really sticks out but it’s not terrible to look at or to read.  I doubt I would read it out of my own but am happy enough to work on it. 

What I am less than happy about is the weather.  It has yet to get cold – there have been chilly days but on the whole the weather has not been winter.  And I miss it.


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