Thoughts on copies

August 19, 2009 at 11:47 (Uncategorized)

I’ve been thinking about plagiarism…

When I first heard of plagiarism in manga, I couldn’t see how.  I had an idea that maybe it was copying a story line – the thought went as follows:  a direct copy would be wrong, however, some art styles are so similar that plagiarism would have to be in the story.  The manga I read all have similar generic elements in their art – it’s what I like about them – but each manga has little tells that make it unique to the artist.  If those tells are copied; I think that is plagiarism.  Then I saw what people meant… It’s like tracing.  Even if the story is original, it’s cheating.  Disappointed. 

But then I’m disappointed with any form of plagiarism.  I mean, I would be upset if someone passed off my stuff as their own but my main emotion would be disappointment – can there truly be no new ideas?  No original thought?  Build on an idea, sure; but don’t just copy it.

A copy is just a copy – it has nothing of its own; no power to expand horizons and no feelings to evoke…

Except maybe Copy Ninja Kakashi 😛


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