Wielding keys

August 13, 2009 at 19:45 (Uncategorized)

Some days are a wonder – a wonder how I actually managed to get where I was needed.  Getting to piano was interesting.   

Usually when I leave the house, it’s a one stop of picking up wallet, phone and keys.  Except I ended up making three trips for said items.  After packing them in my bag, I realised the garage was still locked – keys come out and garage opened.  Bike taken out but couldn’t find the bike lock key.  House keys came back out of the bag but I couldn’t find the lock key in the house; back to garage – no luck.  Time is now running short.  But while staring at the bike wondering what to do, I spy the key in the lock – great.  But I’m still not ready to go – did I lock up stairs?  And if I didn’t, would anyone try and get it? 

Key back out, back in house, run up stairs – door locked.  Back down stairs and out the door.  Lock door and bag keys.  Hop on bike, hop off bike, take out keys and open gate.  Bag keys, hop on bike.  Ride like mad – made the trip in 15 minutes but I had to sit on the step for a moment and remember how to breath.  I needed a keyblade – Oblivion would have been nice.


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