August 8, 2009 at 10:45 (Uncategorized)

When I tried to log on to KGS last night, I couldn’t because I had not logged on for six months and so my account had been closed.  This didn’t bother me but it did mean that I haven’t played online formore than six months.  And as I thought about it, I haven’t played online this entire year.

Thanks to Hodgestar, I managed to join the manga group on IRC – it’s shaky but getting okay.  And I got a ‘good work’ for my proofing of some Blazer Drive chapter.  I had no RAW but the story seems rather… boring – fighting with stickers.  I wasn’t taken in by the text.

The curtain spider had disappeared a few weeks ago and I was really hoping it had gone outside but past experience has taught me that it will show up when I least expect it and some where close.  But I didn’t anticipate next to my bed.  Nor did I anticipate on the object I had picked up.  It is sad to say but there was yelling and running.  Luckily, my father was home so he took it outside [after running inside to see what was wrong; breakfast bowl still in hand]. 

Aki-chan is here for the weekend.  Apart from being able to see her, she also delivered two new boxsets and my overlocker.


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