July 29, 2009 at 20:47 (Uncategorized)

I can’t really say ‘honest to God’, it’s like saying ‘honest to Toothfairy’.  So if I want to convince someone of something, I never know what to say – my default is ‘truly’.  This conversation truly happened:

X:  So when are you getting married?

NT:  …  When I find someone.  [I think I’m safe]

X:  Yes, but you know, time is running out*.  How old are you now?

NT:  [I know I’m not safe] 28.

X:  See, you’ve only got two years left.

NT:  [Blink]  I have to be married before I’m 30?

X:  Yes.  And you should have your kids before 30 as well – it is better.

NT:  …  Do you smell burning?  [Timely intervention in the form of smoke coming from the restaurant kitchen.]

I didn’t even go into pointing out that I am single so I would have to find someone, the right someone, get to know them, get engaged then get married and breed all in the space of a year and a half.  And all while living in MB.  I did almost add out loud ‘while living in MB’.

In other wacky stories – I’ve been going  to yoga for a while now.  I really enjoy it, the class is relaxed and lighthearted.  The taichi was enjoyable was too stiff and serious for me.  When there are no guys in the class, conversations range and last night’s was…  A, who is sixty something, told us that she would like to see another man’s penis as her husband’s is the only one she has ever seen and she thinks he is boasting about it.    Truly!  In the space of 24 hours…


[* here I want to say ‘time is running out?  I’m not dying’, only that’s not true because I, like everyone, am dying.]


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