June 22, 2009 at 20:49 (Uncategorized)

I’ve come across many girls [here and elsewhere] that fear bats because they nest in long hair [I honestly don’t know] but my tussle last night was with a moth.  It was trying my patience – I wanted to free it to the great outdoors and it wanted to hide in my hair.  I eventually won. 

Small creatures don’t stand a chance in MB.  When I shop I sometimes [all the time] check out what other people are buying and wonder what they could be cooking with what’s in their trolley – very little cooking goes on from what I can see but much reheating.  But there is always a can of something – Doom, Raid, Ridder.  A poison for plants or animals.  As much as I fear spiders, I cannot actually kill them – poisons or otherwise – I live around them in a life long dance of avoidance.

Mangahelpers is doing some awesome work toward getting decent translating out there for manga.  And when I have more than +0 in Translating Skills, I’ll dive right in but for now I’ve completed a proofreaders test.  Mostly it wasn’t bad except the one section where I was forced to read Ice Revolution – Holy Hell Alchemist!  I am a girl but I do not get girl manga.  No wonder girls are so messed up.


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