June 21, 2009 at 13:29 (Uncategorized)

I went for a ride with my father this morning around the suburb.  It was a bit weird getting used to the suspension and two sets of gears but by the end of it I had it sorted – I thought the last time I cycled was about 15 years ago but then I remembered I had a bike in England [five years ago] and was nearly run over by some woman.  We were both on the right sides of the road but as she watched me she ended up steering toward me.  With a quick turn I was on the pavement and she realised what she was doing, straightened the car and continued on her way – craziness.

But what is crazier are the houses in MB – ugly! Wow!  I saw three [3] houses with pillars on either side of the drive with huge eagles on top – wings spread.  I saw a ‘wishing well’ and, what I’ve never seen before, a concrete basket [woven looking] about 1.5m across with a high handle painted white.  I think it’s supposed to be a flowerpot.  And an array of dogs.  Some chased my father and while trying to fend off the little mut, the other got ridden over.  I hate it when people don’t control their dogs – the roads belong to everyone and not everyone likes dogs and even less liked to be chased.  Keep it in a garden or on a leash!


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