June 17, 2009 at 11:25 (Uncategorized)

Is a nightclub in MB.  I have been there twice – strangely both on a Monday night.  There are two pool tables, a terrace outside, a dance floor, a bar and the worst DJ ever.  Dismissing the music he plays [which is not the best], he doesn’t blend songs into each other – track one ends, track two starts.  If you are lucky there is no gap in between the two.  And if you are really lucky, the beat is similar.

The flashing lights did my head in though – wow!  The Pain!  The Sickness!  But it’s all over now.

EDIT: 19/06/09 – I forgot to mention one other thing about Carouse but this is more about the people that frequent it.  They take off their shoes to dance – bare feet and socks.  And piles of shoes on the sidelines.


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