Fans that keep you cool…

June 13, 2009 at 14:44 (Uncategorized)

and fans that confuse you.

There are many things about fanfiction that I know through trial and much error.  I’ve come across a wide variety of weirdness and some weirdness I read but the one thing that stumps me every time I see it is male pregnancy [MPreg].  Every time I come across a summery, my mind drifts – Why?  To what purpose?  To ‘normalise’ a malexmale relationship?  Or, I think this is more likely, they don’t know the basics of reproduction.  Being a utter sticker for canon, this one really throws me.  To follow up would be AU gender bender – suddenly a character is the opposite sex; usually a boy being a girl.  Again – WHY?  I enjoy reading fanfiction much more than I enjoy writing it but I can seldom find anything to read.  I like the characters as they are and want to read more about them and not some weird-ass creation made up in the mind of a twelve year old. 

And while I’m moaning – there is a fucking huge spider sleeping in the curtain.  It’s bigger than the rain spiders currently in the house; it’s been there for days. 

Popular Mechanics has a cool article on Terminator Salvation.   

I’ve had a pain free head for three days 😀


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