June 2, 2009 at 08:15 (Uncategorized)

I go through  a lot of pens.  In the exams last Thursday, my pen ran out of ink, my back up pen in the pencil case also ran out of ink but I had a back up back up which was good – it wouldn’t have been a problem if it had also run out; I have a couple of pens in my bag at any given time [and sometimes in my hair].

Today will be the third time I have to write an exams while dealing with a migraine – luckily, it’s the after effects today and not the real thing [which was yesterday].  I also hand over the shop keys today and then it is done 🙂  

I made a discovery yesterday – well, actually two discoveries.  1]  12 Nerofen are cheaper then 10 fizzy Panado and 2] Nerofen caplets are way easier to swallow than Nerofen tablets.  The tablets, Aki-chanand I were discussing, are already one of the easiest tablets in the world to swallow and now they are even easier.  The easiest tablet to swallow is an anti-nausea while the most difficult is Genpayne – they are the only things that work against the killer migraines *sob*.


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