Manga update

May 13, 2009 at 10:14 (Uncategorized)

I read a oneshot at Mangahelpers called Medaka Box – it going to be serialized in WSJ.  It was funny with good art but I can’t think it’s something I would read weekly.  The plot as far as I can tell shall be about a student council dealing with the comments they receive in a suggestion box.  It sound limiting in terms of story line and plot.

RustBlaster – good art but totally a wabbing manga.  A good way to waste a couple of hours [only six chapters].  And it’s full of pretty vampires.  Attempted Kuroshitsuji by the same artist – boring!  But the art is still good.

1/2 Prince was suggested to me…  It’s such a gender bender girl manga – annoys me.  Art is okay to good.

Juushin Enbu 16 was good as always with great art 😀  And there was much talking in Air Gear. 

Started Trigun – the art, for me, is bad but it is funny and Aki-chan says it gets better. 

I’m losing hope with Bleach – I’ve been reading Bleach since 2005 and over the last year and a half the story has been waning.  The fights are getting too long with pointless powerups and story updates are far apart.


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