Baked out

May 8, 2009 at 15:19 (Uncategorized)

It started with lemon curd then came chocolate and almond muffins followed by a sponge to finish with lemon cupcakes.  I coated the sponge in left over lemon curd – it is so tasty.  The cupcakes are tasty too – I don’t know about the muffins [don’t like muffins].  That should last until… maybe Sunday. 

I’m done with Media Studies for the day.  Onward to Integrated Organisational Communication and then a bit of Investigating English [maybe]. 

I’ve also given up on the second ‘season’ of FMA anime.  The first episode was funny but after that… it’s just not the manga.  Read the oneshot Medaka Box – going to serialised in WSJ.  I like the art but the story, while amusing, doesn’t really have much appeal.  I think it could get tiresome rather quickly.  YAY! for WSJ this week.


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