Madam Butterfly

May 28, 2009 at 08:09 (Uncategorized)

Went to the opera last night.  At first I was unsure but it got better after I stopped reading the subtitles – they were talking [singing] such rubbish but the music was awesome.  We were on the balcony so we could see into the orchestra pit – that was truly fantastic.  I love watching musicians play.  I prefer the ballet though.

I have two exams today… the two worst ones…  I don’t know them nearly well enough; one I have no interest in and the other is just confusing – communication law is the confusing one.  Though the exam on Monday went quite well – I was pleased.


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New names old concepts

May 21, 2009 at 13:30 (Uncategorized)

In my exam on Tuesday I came across ‘mobile working’.  I had no idea what it was so three possibilities came to mind 1) it is something I don’t know, 2) it is a made up thing for the exam or 3) they meant telecommuting.  I went with telecommuting but looked it up when I got home.  After reading the brochure with its zen-like images, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is telecommuting with a weird made up name. 

I’m also up to my eyeballs in flu or is it a cold?  There is no body pain… does that make it a cold?  Though I have no energy – wow, I’m out of breath just hanging up the washing and media studies is making no sense but a little bit more sense than communication law.   I’m spending more time sneezing than writing.  But I’ve been good – I’ve resisted reading Trigun [otherwise I’ll never get any studying done] but I’m feeling so lifeless – it’s calling me.

And Japanese holiday is finished. 

And I lost all my games at the Go tournament last Saturday – even the ‘9 stone 150 point’ handicap game.

But I have an awesome A&S entry for Cowshed 😀

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Manga update

May 13, 2009 at 10:14 (Uncategorized)

I read a oneshot at Mangahelpers called Medaka Box – it going to be serialized in WSJ.  It was funny with good art but I can’t think it’s something I would read weekly.  The plot as far as I can tell shall be about a student council dealing with the comments they receive in a suggestion box.  It sound limiting in terms of story line and plot.

RustBlaster – good art but totally a wabbing manga.  A good way to waste a couple of hours [only six chapters].  And it’s full of pretty vampires.  Attempted Kuroshitsuji by the same artist – boring!  But the art is still good.

1/2 Prince was suggested to me…  It’s such a gender bender girl manga – annoys me.  Art is okay to good.

Juushin Enbu 16 was good as always with great art 😀  And there was much talking in Air Gear. 

Started Trigun – the art, for me, is bad but it is funny and Aki-chan says it gets better. 

I’m losing hope with Bleach – I’ve been reading Bleach since 2005 and over the last year and a half the story has been waning.  The fights are getting too long with pointless powerups and story updates are far apart.

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May 12, 2009 at 09:33 (Uncategorized)

Envy is rotten to the end.

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Baked out

May 8, 2009 at 15:19 (Uncategorized)

It started with lemon curd then came chocolate and almond muffins followed by a sponge to finish with lemon cupcakes.  I coated the sponge in left over lemon curd – it is so tasty.  The cupcakes are tasty too – I don’t know about the muffins [don’t like muffins].  That should last until… maybe Sunday. 

I’m done with Media Studies for the day.  Onward to Integrated Organisational Communication and then a bit of Investigating English [maybe]. 

I’ve also given up on the second ‘season’ of FMA anime.  The first episode was funny but after that… it’s just not the manga.  Read the oneshot Medaka Box – going to serialised in WSJ.  I like the art but the story, while amusing, doesn’t really have much appeal.  I think it could get tiresome rather quickly.  YAY! for WSJ this week.

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Polite spam

May 5, 2009 at 10:59 (Uncategorized)

Occasionally I get comments on D/Art saying what a great artist I am and I must follow this link to a “competition” site where I could win stuff – I delete these.  Today I received an email from someone who claims to have read my latest story, this is what he said

I enjoyed your recent fanfic because it was very creative and detailed. I could envision everything you were describing perfectly.

My latest creation was an Air Gear poem.  There was no detail and only a fan of Air Gear and a fan of poetry could possibly get it and then they might not even like it.  I think I find polite spam more annoying than general spam.

And it is really nice to be back in CT.

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