March 17, 2009 at 19:46 (Uncategorized)

Doing something silly in my sleep, I hurt my neck on Thursday.  But this time it was a lot more painful than before so I ended up going to a stress relief thing.  I wasn’t exactly pressured into it but I wasn’t going alone and the pain was so that I was willing to try the crystal crap – but she’s not like that 😛  I rather liked her.  She did say that my lower back muscles were so compacted [??] that she could beat out a rhythm were I a drum.  And she saidthat it would feel worst before it felt better.  I think she should have said you will feel like crap – the agony.  The only time I could actually tolerate the pain was to lie on my back with my knees bend.  Even my jaw hurt.  I had had a migraine on Friday and so didn’t want to take more drugs because then I feel like shit and can’t concentrate.   So I spent the day on my back reading communication law – terribly boring and complex but alas, necessary.

Anyway I’m going for more on Thursday – you have to have a few before you feel well.  Today there was a lot of pain but a lot more movement.  Erm… we shall see.

Curiously, she said it was years worth of stress that had caused the muscles to compact so.  Then I got thinking, I don’t [or so I believed] lead a highly stressful life – there are times that are stressful.  But then again, last year was bad.  Just bad and the year before I was still working in the Dungeon and that was bad so maybe…  Though, I say this but while she was working on my back – the relief! 

I managed to send off two assignments today but I’ve got two due on Friday… a bit behind but can make it.  I’ll fumble through Japanese – eep!


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