March 5, 2009 at 14:18 (Uncategorized)

or other wise know as Mossel Bay English.  In the linguistic world English is divided into BE [British English], SAE [South African English] and so forth.  But I have discovered a new one – Mossel Bay English.

Me:  Has the gardener arrived?

X:  (blank stare)

Me:  Is the gardener here – did he come?

X: (frowns) The garden?

Me:  The gar-den-er.

X:  Sorry – I only understand English.

Me: …

Luckily there was the timely intervention of the foreman who, while Afrikaans, was able to tell me that the gardener had not arrived. 

If anyone is ever in George for any reason, a good place to eat is The Conservatory.  The food is good and well priced.  The place itself is beautiful with an awesome garden. 

I now have a lovely new flat screen monitor – it is great.  My internet however, it not.  Still struggling with it – bugger!  At the moment I’m using my dad’s machine but nothing is set the way I like…  We shall see how Japanese goes tomorrow.


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