February 27, 2009 at 13:38 (Uncategorized)

When Bakuman first came out it was loaded with information about manga artists and the manga world but ultimately it is a girl  manga with male leads – so boring.  And the artwork is not up the usual standard of the mangaka.  The writer/artist duo are famous and that is how they managed to slip a girl manga into a boy manga publication.  It appears to be hugely popular though but then so is One Piece.

And Air Gear is now a weekly read.  For all its nothingness, I enjoy it.

I have noticed a rather strange phenomenon about girl and boy manga on some of the forums I frequent – if you go to a person’s favourites and see lots of girl manga, so often it’s a guy.  And so many guys that I speaken to [on forums and face to face]  “can’t handle” FMA.  I prefer my men to like fighting and swearing over romantic sap.

On Wednesday night I went to the Community Chest Carnival.  It was probably the best one I have been to.  Everyone was so chilled – eating and drinking, chatting.  Great evening even if some people can’t hold their drink and splash it over everyone else 😛 

Hopefully next time I post it will be to say “I’m in Mossel Bay” but we shall see.



  1. Colby said,

    I disagree. This is definitely a shonen, i like it as one.
    (I’m male)
    About Romance from a boy’s point of view that is kind of warped into a fantasy that could only be a boy’s.
    Only two named main characters are female,(one female lead, very shonen like)
    and the rivalry amongst the younger, up and coming manga-ka (all male) is reminiscent of the general rivalry theme that is ever-present in Shonen manga.
    I prefer Death Note over this, and yes I’ve read the entire series.
    Maybe I relate with it better because I also want to get into the comics/manga business and I’m a bout their age at the start of the story. This manga will definitely be 100 chapters or less.

  2. Colby said,

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, FMA, and just general violent, dark, and moody crap, is awesome. 🙂

  3. nantalith said,

    FMA is my favourite manga. My comments over Bakuman remain – I don’t like it. I liked the first half of Deathnote but not the tucked on end – I mainly read Deathnote for the artwork. I liked Hello Baby and enjoyed Hikaru no Go but then I play Go so I’m biased.

    Side note: ‘about’ is one word.

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