February 10, 2009 at 11:43 (Uncategorized)

The computer needs new parts.  I often think of Robots [the movie] when people talk about machines and parts.

Did anybody else listen to Story Teller tapes?  Sometimes a scene will pop into my head and I know it’s from those stories but I never know which one… And some stories I’ll never know how they end but I loved them so much as a kid.  Were I to have children, I would like them to listen to those tapes.

Almost time for Alchemist… and Bleach last week 😀

It’s a bit disheartening packing up my stuff.  And I need to find boxes, finish two sewing projects for the shop and get hold of two textbooks – one of which is out of print.  At least the computer is sorted.

*What follows it quite heavy, that is why it is at the bottom.*

I didn’t bring up the topic, and in no way do I wish to die, but I’ve been thinking about death lately.  I’ve been thinking that it is the point to our existence.  Ultimately we are nothing and once we are gone, nothing will change – it is arrogant to think that mankind is the point.  People should live with death being the point – I think people will worry about crap less.  During my studies I’ve come across various concepts pertaining to human culture and most of these concepts are going to destroy us.  Globalisation is the main one, I think.  The global village will burn and there will be no one left.  And the moon will still rise  😛

There was a discussion on a language forum sometime ago about preserving language – there were various answers and this was mine:

I believe that preserving language is preserving humanity. I’ve said this before but your language is your culture and your culture is your identity. A person needs an identity and I don’t mean it in a social context, I mean it as an existence to measure yourself against. You measure yourself against yourself, your beliefs and your values.

In the cosmic scheme of things people are nothing – when you die and those that knew you die, you will be forgotten and be nothing. The sun will set and the moon will rise, it will rain whether you are living or dead. But with identity and thus culture you can be apart of something – the language that you used will continue on after you, even though you do not, you once spoke those words.

I think globalisation destroys cultures.  Culture is who we are.  When we go, our culture will go.  It will not be a sad thing, it will not be a happy thing – it will just be nothing.

I believe this but I still want to be around and be my culture.

Yes, that is what I think.


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