January 28, 2009 at 15:56 (Uncategorized)

I’ve finished writing my supps.  Hopefully I’ve passed both of them.  I am little worried about the literature one – I’ve come to the realisation that essays are not my strong point even though I generally prefer them to MCQ.  The reason being I can explain what I’m talking about in an essay question but it seems my explanations are rather terrible [under exam pressure].  So by the fact that I do exceptionally well with MCQ, they have kind of become my preferred method of testing… I like distinction.  I feel with MCQ that guessing could get you a pass but to do well you have to know your work – so often all of the question options are correct, you just have to choose the most correct option.  I think the reason why I’m not that keen on them is the ‘parrot fashion’ method of answering.

If I haven’t passed I’m going to do a different year one module – now is just the long wait for results.  I feel you shouldn’t have to wait weeks for results, especially if they are for supps as so few students are writing [or at least seem to be].

Air Gear has been added to the list of weekly manga I follow.  Why… it has no story, it’s full of pantie shots and boobs.  I’ve become accustomed to naked girls in manga but for some reason the lead [male] is always naked  – as I said to Aki-chan “little blocks”.  If he not naked, his butt is hanging out.  And he has a crow [the bird] living in his hair.  The abilities of the skates are pretty awesome, the tricks are great and I like the tuning of the skate for the rider but the rider and their tuner have to be… wait – naked.  The artwork is pretty generic as well and there are lots of crazy fights [which are rather cool].  It’s the kind of manga that I would read if given but wouldn’t actively search for [like Deathnote].

However, when they talk about skating and the wind, the freedom – it’s all that I adore about skating.  I think that is why I read it.


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