December 30, 2008 at 20:13 (Uncategorized)

There should be rules about pain and holidays – ‘not allowed’ should be the rule.  And migraines should be completely out – even if too much sun is the cause [yes, I was in the sun].  Bug bites are almost a given though…

Went to Nature’s Valley – most likely the most wonderful place that I’ve been too.  I enjoy every moment I am there and I LOVE swimming in the river.  Even if L attempted to drown himself on several occasions.  He is an odd child – really!  He loves to run and throw himself onto the ground – this was even better in the river.  Only, sometimes he went under completely if it was deep enough – part of the fun really.

I got the complete Tintin animated collection – they are so cool.  As a kid, my sisters and I would go down to the library and agonise over which Tintin to take out – three cards was a serve limit on what you could take out; there were ‘choose your own adventure’ and Asteriskto consider as well.  Now kids can take out seven books!  But back to Tintin.  Aki-chan has started collected them so the boxset is a nice addition.  They are only 25 minutes but funny – Great Snakes! 😀  Ha ha ha…

Due to Xday, weirdness happened with manga which resulted in no manga last week so I tried Air Gear again because I like the art style [the panty shots are annoying though].  It’s an okay substitute – better than Shaman King which I stopped reading way back.  The story isn’t anything to write home about and it does have potential to be repetitive but I’m somewhat hooked now – I REALLY don’t need another hundred plus chapter manga to read… But I’m a sucker for action artwork – typical shounen artwork… sigh…  Though in my defence I can drop them if the story folds. 

Oh, yeah – the best gift I received was Akira 5 [YES!]


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