Itaii desu, yo!

December 9, 2008 at 13:31 (Uncategorized)

I never really understood RSI.  I knew it was a serious thing but now I have a vague idea of how agonising it must be.  I was at the ObsFest this last weekend and spend the entire weekend fanning myself – I did sell many fans because of this – but now my right upper arm is causing me much grief and lack of sleep and tension in my shoulder and neck.  Luckily, I don’t have to repeat the action so it will hopefully go away.  It’s annoying in that no matter what I do or don’t do, the dull ache is always there.  I also feel the beginnings of flu and am battling to stay awake.

On a plus side for some [like my sister] spending the two days in the sun means I’m no longer so pale.  I hardly recognise myself in the mirror but the itchy bumps from being in the sun only came out on the one arm and my back – the bits that got burnt.

Panado tables don’t work as quickly as fizzy Panado tablets.  It’s taken me almost a hour to put this together…



  1. firstfallen said,

    How did it go? We came around on Saturday evening but you had left already, I think. There have been many complaints on the Obs Neighbourhood Watch list, some from stall-holders saying that the site was crap, people didn’t come in because they thought there was an entry fee and some people didn’t even cover their costs.

    I have on and off RSI in my wrist from knitting :(. It sucks. Women are especially prone to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome cos we have smaller wrists but the same size tendons as men, which doesn’t give much room and then they tend to press on the nerves. Sigh, design fail.

  2. nantalith said,

    The stalls were really small – 1m x 3m but the frontage was the 1m. It was okay-ish for me because I only had the table but for other guys it was way too small. And for R 400, you basically got no space. I know the guys next to me didn’t cover costs – they took two stalls. A clothing guy opposite me had about 5/6 stall and from what I could see he didn’t sell much but I didn’t actually speak to him. There was way too much jewellery and all they clothing stalls basically had the same stuff.

    To get into the stage area [where the food stands were] cost R40 on Friday and Saturday and R20 on Sunday. That was next to the market area. One food guys said that it was a total loss for him; he had a couple of thousand rand worth of food that didn’t sell. Stall holder weren’t allowed to go in to get food – some managed to get in with the organiser – the guy at the ticket office told the girl next to me to go to the Spar for food. Some stall owners wanted their money back and some wanted to be back on the street.

    Apparently Saturday night was utter chaos – the police stopped a guy who had 84 cellphones, they had to use force to stop a drunk driver driving on the closed road. The market area on Sunday was like a tip – rubbish everywhere and people had to set up stalls among the filth – gross, really gross. I could go on but I won’t be going again.

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