November 27, 2008 at 15:10 (Uncategorized)

How cool is this – testing your abilities with Office 2007 using Office XP.  Oh, the joy!

Though had I not actually done XP when I was at college, I might have had a problem like the lady next to me.  The 2007 textbook is her first foray into Office and she didn’t make it.  Had I been given a choice I would not have done this module – I know people make a living from computers, Aki-chan being one of them, but I don’t really care how they work just so long as they do.

Only two lessons left of Japanese for the year… by the end of the year I am REALLY tired of studying – the exercises hurt my brain.  This year was tougher because of the full course load at UNISA but now that I know, next year should be better with more organisation.  Today’s lesson was good, got a lot done and with only one small error – the error was an exception to the rule so I don’t feel so bad.


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