Tales of the Fantastic

November 25, 2008 at 11:19 (Uncategorized)

I shall tell a tale of my Monday morning and the conversation that followed later that day.

Monday mornings have no particular feel for me, some find them difficult after the weekend while others view the day with excitement – a new week; fresh and waiting.  To me it is another day in a never ending cycle.  This last Monday did have a feeling though – tired.  The weekend had been spent hunting rodents and removing their corpses.  Saturday night was a loss for sleep as I imagined all night the lost rodent running across the floor and woke at every sound.  I began to believe that the rodent would die and fill the room with the linger smell of death – yet again.  Sunday, my sister was plagued with the smell of death and that evening found a corpse under the sofa.  It was small so was not the mouse from the night before.  Sleep was trouble again with thoughts of spirits haunting the house.  They would be vengeful, having been slain by feline beasts.  Died under floor boards and in walls – terrorised before their life left them…

Then came Monday with it’s own tale and it involved a tail.  The soap drawer of the washing machine was open and appeared to be filled with rodent droppings, I was then informed that there had been movement when the drawer was opened.  Carefully I removed the drawer and there was a tail.  Further along was a furry body; quite alive.  It took a moment but I concluded that the rodent had to be pulled from the machine only I was too slow.  In checking for life as I thought of what to do, my mother jabbed the rodent with a chopstick.  In a flurry, it was gone – into the washing machine!  Time was short and I had to leave but before I left there was the sound of movement from the machine.  I was hopeful.

A later conversation with my mother revealed that the rodent had, indeed, left the machine and hid itself behind the fridge.  Attempts to move the fridge sent the rodent to the lounge and from there it was lost yet again.  With the main doors being open for the duration of the summer day, it is assumed by all parties that the rodent escaped and that shall be the story until I smell otherwise.


I swear this really happened – had I not see it for myself I would have been doubtful.  I cannot believe the situations that come up with the cats and mice.


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