November 18, 2008 at 14:05 (Uncategorized)

Yesterday I developed a migraine so I took the strong stuff [I was at work – this does mean that no work happens, I just sit there like a zombie – like this morning as I got over the dregs], it meant that when I cut [not serious] my arm on the glass shelf I didn’t really ‘feel’ it until my fingers brushed the cut and became sticky with blood [minimal beading of blood really].  It was rather weird until today when all pain killers worn off – it stings.  Pain completely out of proportion to the wound – pathetic.

Went to dinner at John Dory’s [Canal Walk] last night.  It was mildly enjoyable – okay food, pain in my head, stiff conversation at times and tired L.  I could not give an accurate review even if I tried.  I know I had ribs.

Now that my cold had gone [finally] I shall once again step out onto the ice BUT there is a sushi evening for the Japanese school on Friday so this means skating next Friday only and pretty soon it’s going to be school holidays.  I refuse to skate with children [or teens – in this case they are the same] – I’ve come to terms with the fact that people younger than me skate better but I am still unable to accept the level of social grace that is displayed – the lack of social skills is something to see [only once though].

Fiction note:  I’ve written almost nothing for the Write a book in a Month thing but have written steadily for my other fiction since I decided to attempt the Write a book in a Month thing.  Writing drama is harder than romance.


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