October 27, 2008 at 14:12 (Uncategorized)

For the past two weeks I haven’t been feeling well.  It doesn’t help that as I seem to get over the weird symptoms I end up staying with my sister and they come back – though with less intensity each time.  L is cute but like all kids, he has germs.

I recently got the ICO OST and it is so cool and haunting – awesome, really.  It’s by the same person that did the FMA OST.  Now I have to get my timing down and finish the game.  I need to make the little dude run faster or through walls, better yet – teleport to the black holes – YES!  Then saving the girl would be easy.  And with less dying.  I read in the Popular Mechanics the other day that gamers like dying…  The test, however, was for FPS and TPS.  I loath dying but the only one [FPS/TPS] I’ve tried is FVII DOC and it was hard.  And gloomy, could hardly see a thing – or anything that was shooting me.  Hand to hand was okay though.  But Vincent is awesome 😛


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