August 27, 2008 at 10:35 (Uncategorized)

As a communications science student I find the miscommunication of my varsity very frustrating.  I honestly don’t mind finding and filling out documents and sending them off – it doesn’t bother me but I have to know to fill them out.  It would also help that the documents were relevant to me and the letters I receive didn’t contradict each other (literally one says yes and the other says no and they are from the same person).

The most annoying trait I have is that when I’m angry I cry; it is annoying because all my arguments go out the window.  Female crying… how typical is that – I can see it on their faces.  It makes me angrier still and the tears keep falling…

The Agony

The agony of obscurity

Your broken chain of memories

Are you… who you think you are?

The agony of insecurity

Your broken chain of memories

Or are you… just a puppet?

The agony of finality

Your broken chain of memories

You are… in your memories

EDIT 11h25:  So the document is possibly relevant (awaiting confirmation) but the letters still contradict each other and there is notice of ‘yes’ letter being sent.  I’m breathing a little easier…


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