Weekly Jump

August 13, 2008 at 10:00 (Uncategorized)

There is no Jump this week 😦

But Alchemist was, as always, awesome.  Though I must confess I didn’t realise it was time for it yet.  My mind was/is filled with piles of other things at the moment. 

My cold seems to have dried up into an annoying cough but it’s better than trying to breath through a stuffed  nose.  Night time is the worst so I didn’t end up going to Go last night and most likely won’t go skating on Friday night; I think the ice will be too cold.  After the stress of joining the gym I went to collect my card on Monday but I’m not on the system yet (?).  It’s not a problem for me really as I won’t be gyming this week at all.

The writing group has decided to issue writing challenges.  The first challenge I got was romance… the title I was given was ‘The Koi Pond’.  But I came up with something and I wrote it yesterday… or was it Monday… anyway – it’s not typical but it has love in it and a happy ending.  Go me 🙂


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