August 7, 2008 at 09:49 (Uncategorized)

When it comes to studying there is only one thing that annoys me intensely.  I can handle new ideas or concepts, vocabulary and jargon but what gets to me the most is having to stretch, fill up and mess around with my essays so that they fill the required word count.  It annoys me for two reasons 1] I end up repeating stuff and the impact is lessened and 2] the point can get lost in the waffle that surrounds the main idea.  It is also time consuming.  Just because something is five thousand words long doesn’t make it good and because something is short doesn’t make it bad. 

And to top it all off – writing and reading are all about interpretation which is different for everyone as no one has the same experiances, beliefs or values.  The word individual exists for a reason!



  1. evo. said,

    Yeah, but when somebody is marking your essay it is usually a case of making sure that you interpret what they want to hear and read. It was my biggest gripe in high school with literature. Especially “In your opinion” questions… yes of course if i include alien invasions in my answer when discussing Hamlet, yeah give me nil.

    Although i used to have negative marks by the time my teachers got past the first paragraph ’cause my grammar is appalling. =)

  2. nantalith said,

    What is the point of the question if you have to interpret it to what they want to hear? Must I say ‘Disgrace’ is a true relfect of the time in South Africa when it is about a old man who can’t keep it in his pants and places the blame of his affairs on the women he uses? How can it be amazing when the narrator is unreliable and only protrays one side of the situation? It’s an excuse for old men to justify their affairs with young girls.

    As much as I love getting high marks, I’m not going to produce the ‘expected’ answers for the sake of PC shit.

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