July 12, 2008 at 08:39 (Uncategorized)

A guy came in yesterday to pass off some LRH books – I politely told him that I thought LRH was a terrible writer; he agreed and said his fiction wasn’t up to much.  I didn’t point out that I thought it was ALL fiction but sent him on his way.  But not before he quizzed me on the CD player; I sent him to Clicks.  At first I thought he was curious about the CD and I didn’t want to explain again that the music was from games and that I played them…

I was supposed to go skating last night but the ice was full so went to watch Wanted instead – it was cool.  Action, fancy gun shots (so Black Cat); I saw another preview for Batman (can’t wait) and for the third Mummy (Jet Li is so cool).  The theatre at the casino is also nice – proper seats and leg room; also it was R28 a ticket. 

Naruto is going through a explanation patch again but I still hooked to know what’s happening… I think Bleach is entering another long fight but it’s with Ulquiorra 🙂

Alchemist also comes out today 😀


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