May 23, 2008 at 21:04 (Uncategorized)

As per usually Naruto was cool – all the ends were tied up nicely and now I have to wait another week…

All exams are done for now – the multilingualism was awesome.  It is the first exam that I enjoyed writing and was somewhat excited while writing it.  It was a trill similar to reading Naruto; I am discovering that I love the subject more than I thought.  The working everyday is messing about with my Japanese.  I can’t doing it during the day and all the evening slots are, naturally, taken.  It’s annoying but I have to try find a way; I miss it – it’s hard work and I often struggle but I still miss it.

I’m rereading some David Gemmell – by far my most favourite author, followed by Garth Nix.  I also love Sharon Penman.  I’m working my way through the Rigante series (my favourite) to follow with the Drenai (my second favourite).  Though my main love is still Full Metal Alchemist.  I’m waiting for a parcel that has yet to be sent but contains the FFXII manga.  Apart from being a FF manga it was also bought in Japan so it’s super cool and it is a birthday present.

I’ve just finished a short kimono for a customer – it’s white and she is going to paint it for a project.  I don’t know details but initially when she asked me, she asked for it to be knitted but was meaning sewing… after some confusion it was sorted and done.  I was very good and finished before reading Naruto – man, I’m obsessed with Naruto this evening.

I’m also doing a final read through for a proof-reading project and will send it out on Monday.  It has taken longer than usual because it’s set in America so the translator wanted American English.  The translator is actually Spanish (I think) and he is translating from Japanese to English – impressive.

I was in a Go tournament last Saturday – I didn’t mean to play but there was an odd number of players so I ended up playing to make up the numbers.  It was okay but I don’t know if I would play again…  it was so serious – I don’t even take FF that seriously.  It is about the fun of the game for me.


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