My face is beaming

May 7, 2008 at 19:03 (Uncategorized)

At Go last night I was told that I play well for a beginner 🙂  I didn’t win but managed to join 8 of my 9 stone handicap to take most of the middle of the board but I lost stones so lost points 😦  I also set up traps – they were foiled but they were there.  It was a really good game.

NEWS – I can see the floor of my stock room AND there is a path that leads from the front to the back.  I can also see most of my stock as well.  More accurately I can see the bags that hold my stock.  It’s all possible through massive donation to St. Luke’s to follow by a ragdoll donation to the Red Cross.  They (St Luke’s) collect tomorrow so boxes don’t have to lay around the shop for ages. 

The washing machine is going to be serviced on Tuesday and hopefully start washing clothes again – hand washing is annoying but no real effort.  Naruto this week and Alchemist next week but THL802 exam next week 😦


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