Hikaru no Go

March 31, 2008 at 15:43 (Uncategorized)

I realised today (after the entire day of reading) why I’m so drawn to Hikaru no Go.  Yes, the artwork is good and I’m learning stuff about Go but the true reason is the character development and how the artwork reflects that development.  It is awesome and why I read so many manga but abandon them, characters that don’t grow are boring.  No matter how great the story is or innovated the artwork is, if the character does not grow there is nothing for me to read.

A favourite character will also keep me there for a period of time and Bleach has ended the endless fighting with a week to spare (before I gave up on it).

I also hit on the idea that comics are narrative text and the latest Batman run is awesome – Jason is so cool even though he kills people.  ‘Face the Face’ and ‘Under the Hood’ are great – the artwork is fantastic and the stories gripping.   And best of all they are funny and clever.


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