March 28, 2008 at 11:43 (Uncategorized)

This is an awesome idea – learn English in cosplay.  A school where students (and tutors) dress in cosplay while learning to speak English – not English for the sake of study but English to be able to communicate on an informal level.  Awesome!
This is great because people like to talk about things they enjoy.  So if you are learning a new language, people tend to learn about things they like faster than others e.g. I can talk more about manga in Japanese than I can order a meal or make a reservation at a hotel.  Tadal, who is German, can talk endlessly (she bets me) about FF and manga but can’t really understand a movie like ‘The Prestige’.  I like the idea so much.

Bleach and Naruto come out today – I can’t wait; I’ve been feeling really crap these last few day (sinus infection) and today my face is not sore but I don’t want to risk it by going skating this evening.


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