March 21, 2008 at 12:00 (Uncategorized)

Once again I find myself waiting for my weekly manga.  This last week has gone by in such a blur of theories and annoyances (of theories).  But all assignments for March are in – YOKATTA!

Japanese was a bit of a disaster this week – I hadn’t looked at most the work need for the lesson; been too busy with other stuff.  There are just two lesson before Sensei goes on his annual Japan visit for six weeks.  Oh, I started playing Go last week – it’s rather easy to learn but difficult to win (at least at the moment).  It fun enough though.

After a some number of years I have a complete ‘Knightfall’ Batman series.  I read them years ago, the first time I was in England so… eight years ago and now it is complete 🙂  I still have to complete ‘Akira’ but they are expensive 😦

Fiction note:  I’m hoping to get some work done on Meteora this weekend but I did write a oneshot for XII on Tuesday.  I’m toying (again) with my much neglected Batman idea.


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