Still no Alchemist!

March 13, 2008 at 23:37 (Uncategorized)

It is almost the 14th and there is no still Alchemist RAW… waiting so patiently with sighs of disappointment and not irritation.  Hopefully tomorrow – but there will also be Naruto (yay) and Bleach (we’ll see about ‘yay’) if nothing else.

I’ve started Narrative Text – enjoyable.  I’m running out of time for Assignment 2 to be handed in on time.  The Poetic Text is draining my enthusiasm for all that is poetry.  I will return to if after I’ve handed in Assignment 2.  Dramatic Text doesn’t look promising either 😦

Been reading entries for the Romance Horror – thus far only one poem has made it into horror genre.  Most are either crime or human drama; horrific events but not horror.  The poem was about a girl (I guess) and her anger at a cheating ex that also involved her pulling back his flesh and eating him.  All in a poetic turn, of course.  So far they get my vote for being in genre.  I’ve got a few move to read before Sunday and cast my vote.


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