Okay, okay – so

February 22, 2008 at 16:06 (Uncategorized)

when my sister says L sleeps till 5h00 after going down at 21h00, I think – wow, that must be nice after the getting up four to six times a night to feed him.  However, sleeping in his nursery means I wake up as well.  It also doesn’t help that on morning one, there was a horse show (6h00 get up) and this morning (morning two) a return to CT (5h00 get up).  I always thought I was a morning person but 5h00 is damn early – though, on the plus side there is so much morning; 12h00 is hours away.  I did manage to catch a CSI last night.

After a break from ice skating for the school holidays, we started again last week – and I don’t recall the ice being so slippery.  A says it’s the same and she can actually skate so she might know what she’s talking about, however, I’m back to arm wind-milling and heart lurching jerks.

Waiting for manga…

Fiction note:  blagh…


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