Worn out!

February 18, 2008 at 19:18 (Uncategorized)

These last few days have been a bit nightmarish – lack of sleep due to 1) migraine on one night, 2) fireworks the next and 3) looking after L for the entire day.  I love him to bits but he wears me out.  Luckily he can entertain himself for a few hours with a cardboard T/roll.  This week is going to be busy (one thing will be study catch up) but knowing in advance is okay.

Still no Ed in Alchemist – I want to know what happens.  Bleach is so boring at the moment – fight fight fight – blah!  Long drawn out constant power up rubbish.  I must say that although the Sasuke Itachi is longer than I would have liked, I’m still enjoying it.  What a fangirl I am…  ROA is back to story as well – yay!

Fiction note:  Been working on Meteora a bit and filling out some plot for Naruto filler story.  The Gate is still just sitting there but I have transcibed all my notes so that is progress. 


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