February 12, 2008 at 13:01 (Uncategorized)

things are not as bad as they first seem.  I’m not saying they turn out good but they are not so terrible.  ‘The Great Gatsby’ is one of those – the story is still boring but I’ve grown accustomed to the writing style.  Suddenly I’m also really getting into Theory of Literature; it’s not my favourite but I can comfortably do it.

I can now play page one of FFVII AC 🙂  Now I have to work on getting it to flow nicely – strangely I press harder with my left hand than with my right so while my right hand is stronger but left hand is more flexible.  My right hand may be achy from writing so much lately.  I force my will onto the page through the fierce grip of my pen.  Might be why typing is less tiring.

I’m busy making a corset and skirt at the moment, well, let me rephrase – I’m making a skirt and working on a corset.  I quite like making skirts, they are easy.  I would like to finish them this week as I have a busy week next week with three working days, two Japanese lessons and looking after L at an Argi show in … somewhere, I can’t remember.  I should be able to do it.

Very often I am amazed at the strange things than happen to me.  A few moments ago I pinched my arm while scratching my ankle.  My arm was against the desk cupboard and the wheel chair moved because I was moving and hit the door, pinching my arm.  The pain distracted the itchiness though.

Fiction note:  Planning on working on Meteora today but undecided.  Reception of short story was good – yay.  I need to finish it for next month, do a rewrite, edit and post it on


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