February 5, 2008 at 15:54 (Uncategorized)

I saw Stardust twice on the big screen and was completely and utterly entertained, however, I took it out on video this past weekend and was a bit disappointed.  It was still enjoyable but the whole feel was almost lost.  If you didn’t see it on big screen, you’ll think nothing of it on video.

One of my set work books this year is the ‘The Great Gatsby’ – what a laborious read.   I’m halfway through and it’s annoying as hell.  I, I, I, I, I, I; the only reason I don’t like first person – I always read it and think I wouldn’t do that.  And description after description after description… annoying.  The way he describes men make me think that is how he would like to be but is not.  Most of the other books I can’t find in second hand books shops so will have to buy them new.  I’m not keen to buy new books that I normally wouldn’t read or have no interest in.

I’ve noticed a strange (uneducated) thing – your and you’re are totally interchangeable in writing,  I even saw it in an advert.   It’s most often in flames – your moron or your shit.  Sometimes it’s not in flames though; it’s very distracting to read.
I can play the first two line of FFVII AC Theme on the piano – GO ME!  Hopefully I’ll be able to play the first page soon(ish).

Fiction note:  Decided that Sora and Riku will travel to Ivalice and the story will be called ‘Friends of my Heart’.



  1. evo. said,

    Find the movie for “The Great Gatsby”, it is one of the very few films that reflect the book almost word for word =)

    It was my matric set work book…..

  2. nantalith said,

    It’s XP.

    Beside it would be more effort to hunt the movie down than to just read the book.

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